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Kinnikinnick Native Plant Society

Focusing on native plants and conservation in North Idaho

Conservation Committee Purpose Statement 


"The Conservation Committee seeks to work collaboratively with governmental agencies and

private interests to advocate the protection of native plants and their habitats.  Our projects promote education,

conservation and building consensus.  We work to educate our members and the public about issues

important to preserving native plants and strategies that are successful in maintaining the quality of their habitat.

We promote a science-based, sustainable approach to the use of our natural resources."



Committee Meetings

The Conservation Committee gathers occasionally to discuss impending projects and enjoy each others company.
In addition to watching proposed projects on public lands, the committee recommends policies and positions to the KNPS board
and plans outings to check out interesting areas and populations. All KNPS members are welcome. To be notified of the next
gathering please email... .

Conservation Committee Minutes

11-14-2019 Conservation Committee Minutes

 Projects... and Comment Letters

United States Forest Service

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposed Listing of Whitebark Pine as “Threatened” Under the Endangered Species Act

Treasured Landscapes Recreation Project

Auxer Drilling Plan

Green Mountain Drill 1/19/2018

Hanna Flats GNA Project

Grouse Mountain Compliance Project 10/16/2016

Treasured Landscape Recreation Project ‏ 3/27/2015

Kreist Creek Project  05/17/13
E/W Access Around Continental Mountain Project

KIPZ Draft Land Management Plan  03/19/12
Schweitzer Fuels Reduction Project   03/16/12
Lower Priest Project  01/16/12
IPNF Noxious Weed Treatment Project   11/28/11
Priest Lake Grazing Allotments Project   03/08/11
Schweitzer Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project 

Juvenile Tree Thinning  02/02/09
Hope/Sagle Land Exchange  10/17/08

Trestle Creek Snowmobile Parking Lot 09/01/08
Northern Prairie EA Comment Letter  03/14/08

Motorized Use Designations Project 01/18/08
Lightning Creek 01/18/08
Gold Crown Comment 01/18/08
KIPZ Draft Forest Plan  09/09/0
Secure Rural Schools Land Sales Initiative03/22/06
Silver Button  04/23/05
South Grouse Project  03/25/05
Upper Pack River Road Rehabilitation  03/18/05
Jackson Creek Trailhead - Hughes Cabin  02/14/05
Hills Resort and Priest  Lake  Marina EA 12/20/04
Access Issues on Forest Service Lands 01/12/04
Chloride Bush 11/19/03
Rising Cougar 10/23/03
USFS Forest Plan Revision 05/22/03
Chips Ahoy 02/07/03

Forest Plan for the Panhandle and Kootenai National Forests 06/21/02
West Gold 09/30/02


Aquatic Issues

Clark Fork River Delta Restoration Project

North Zone AOP Improvement Project 04/006/2015

Lake Pend Oreille Lake Levels  12/29/09

Letter of Support: Boat Wash Stations  01/16/09

Kalispell Boat Launch - Milfoil   02/19/08
Milfoil Plan (Letter to Bonner Cty and Weed Dept) 08/28/06
Responses to Milfoil Plan Letter  08/28/06

Eurasian Milfoil Eradication Funding 02/18/06



APHIS Letter


Bureau of Land Management

Gamlin Lake Vegetation Treatment EA

Letter to Rep. Minnick 09/4/10

Noxious Weed/ Vegetation Treatment Program  07/16/08
Draft CDA Resource Mgmt Plan and EIS  04/14/06

Two Tail Forest Fuel Reduction  11/18/05

BLM Grazing 02/20/04


Development Projects

Sensitive Flora of the University of Idaho property on N. Boyer

Clagstone Meadows Comment   05/21/13
Clagstone Meadows

Sand Creek Byway  11/14/02


Idaho Department of Lands

Priest Lake State Forest Draft Timber Sales  01/29/09

Priest Lake State Forest Letter 05/28/07

Priest Lake State Forest Timber Harvest 01/26/05
Dover Marina Application 12/15/04

RaceTrack Pulp and E Caribou 10/23/03

Priest Lake Proposed Timber Sales 11/07/02

Idaho Parks and Recreation Department

Lionhead Campground Boat Launch


Other Projects

Idaho Trails Association Youth Trail Crew

Lakeview‐Reeder Project   01/10/12
Sandpoint Middle and High School Wetlands Project  10/16/10
Bonner County Weed Control 10/15/10
Septic Design Rule
Priest Lake State Park Campground

Pend Oreille Biocontrol  12/2/08
Pend d’Oreille Bay Trail  3/21/08
Scotchman Peaks Resolution Jan 2006
Beetop Inventoried Roadless Area 
Roadless Areas (Letter to Bonner County) 12/17/05
Roadless Areas (Letter to Governor)  07/18/05
Bull River Lake Creek  10/22/04
Coldwater Creek Wildcrafting 08/13/02